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Index of terms

Click on "All" or on one of the letters to enter the index of terms, which contains all of the terms typically used in the field of vocational and professional education and training, including no longer valid terms.

The 231 key terms appear in bold type. This means that a definition is provided in the glossary. By clicking on a key term, you will automatically obtain its corresponding definition.

Switching between languages

You will be able to read the same definition of the key term in German, French or Italian. To switch between languages, simply click on the tabs marked D, F or I. The online version makes translation easier.

New terms and changes

The online version is based on the 4th edition of the small format of Glossary. Compared to the printed version, it is continuously updated by adding new terms and by adapting existing terms. Below, the innovations introduced in the online version.

New terms and changes (133 KB)



This compilation includes related links to the main websites with information about dual-track VET in English.